Our mission

We listen to our clients. We connect with them. We understand their needs.

We believe in a true partnership with our clients: the secret of our success has always been our interest in fully understanding our partners’ needs, the context in which they operate and the challenges they have to face.
Ingest HR works side by side with both local businesses and multinational corporations: while we are structured to primarily interface with larger-scale companies, we are also flexible and capable of establishing relationships with small to medium-sized businesses, as well.

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Why choose Ingest HR?

Because it means choosing value.

Our aim is to build privileged relationships involving our specialists, the labour consultants that collaborate with us and our clients themselves.

  • flexibility towards client needs
  • consistency with client organisational structure: each operation is implemented according to their strategic and managerial requirements.


Find out what we can do for you.


Payroll outsourcing

Less risks and responsibilities, more time for your business.


Labour consulting

Careful management of human resources and highlighting opportunities.


Labour cost planning and control

Forecasting, monitoring and reports. No surprises.

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English language support

Building relationships without barriers.

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Training courses

An interactive method, plenty of practical exercises.



Checking, analysing and improving.

Strategic partnerships

Excellence is achieved in no small part due to high-value partnerships.

Ingest HR is a service partner of Zucchetti, the undisputed leading software company on the market in terms of scale, IT know-how and guaranteed service quality.
Our clients gain access to HR Infinity Global Solution, with the ability to customise it according to their specific requirements.

Ingest HR is in partnership with IOCAP, the ultimate reference point in the field of soft HR.

What we can do for you

Payroll outsourcing, labour consulting, labour cost planning and control and training courses. Learn more about all our services.

They chose Ingest HR

See which companies took a chance on us. Countless tales of success and, more importantly, people.