Payroll outsourcing

Less risks and responsibilities, more time for your business.

With complex, constantly evolving labour laws, companies have to rely on qualified, experienced professionals. Processing pay slips and all related obligations is a task of significant importance that must be carried out correctly to avoid risking sanctions or general dissatisfaction within one’s own HR workforce. It is therefore an incredibly important job that, at the same time, however, generally has nothing to do with a company’s core business. That is why the winning choice here is also the most strategic: to entrust the responsibility of these tasks to others, which is to say qualified professionals, through outsourcing.
Our team is comprised of payroll experts and coordinated by labour consultants in order to guarantee a safe, accurate, up-to-date service. It benefits from the best platform technology, thanks to a partnership with Zucchetti, the leading company on the market, and the HR Infinity portal.
Many companies nowadays look to outsourcing HR services as an opportunity to free up precious time for their resources, eliminating the associated risks of managing such obligations, and instead focusing on new projects and challenges with greater added value for their businesses.
We fully manage all outsourced obligations linked to personnel and payroll administration.

Labour consulting

Careful management of human resources and highlighting opportunities.

The reference point for Ingest HR clients is the “Studio di Consulenza del Lavoro Francesco Monopoli”, which provides constant update services on legal news, as well as personnel relations management and trade union relations management.
Staying up to date on labour legislation is fundamental for carefully managing all the opportunities the market offers. Our approach is quick, easy and pragmatic. Our team of labour consultants is accustomed to operating in complex environments, engaging with both Italian and foreign parties within the context of human capital development and enhancement projects.

Studio Monopoli’s labour consulting work allows us to intervene in the main aspects of HR management, such as:

• Drafting and laying out opinions and clarifications on labour regulations, social security provisions and tax legislation
• Drawing up letters and other forms of communication directed at personnel

• Planning and launching company welfare programmes

• Supporting the introduction and management of smart working
• Disciplinary measures

Mandatory obligations: recruitment, terminations, business transformations, workplace accidents, etc.
• Managing relationships with social security offices and institutions, as well as offer audit support when necessary

• Contract management consulting

• HR administration training

• Managing relationships with trade union organisations, assisting with individual or collective disputes and negotiating local bargain agreements

• Introducing income support tools

• Providing support in case of individual dismissals or mass redundancies and incentivised employment relationship resolution

• Planning incentive programmes


Labour cost planning and control

Forecasting, monitoring and reports. No surprises.

Labour cost budgeting, supplemented by payroll processing software, will allow you to monitor and predict labour costs themselves.

We will support you in establishing cost estimates according to company policies (employee turnover, salary increases, fringe benefits, restructuring, etc.).

• Creating labour cost impact projections stemming from contract variation

• Providing oversight on the entire budget process (forecasts, next year’s budget, deviation and final balance analysis)

• Making custom reports

Our experts possess the appropriate skills to interface with you regarding your accounting records. If requested, we will submit a custom-made file based on your needs that may be automatically uploaded in your accounting systems.

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English language support

Building relationships without barriers.

We are used to communicating with people from other countries and cultures.
Knowing English is essential and yet not enough on its own to effectively communicate with these people: you must be able to relate to different cultures, identify needs, and explain in clear and simple terms the intricacies of Italian law.
For these reasons, we serve as a point of reference for numerous multinational corporate headquarters, ensuring our foreign clients can make the best decisions for themselves.

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Training courses

Interactive, practical, effective.

We design customised HR management courses. Our teaching methods are highly interactive in nature, with plenty of specific cases and practical exercises included.

The following is a sample array of topics covered in a frequently requested course:


• Sources of labour law

• Levels of bargaining

• Performance bonuses (Premio di risultato)

• Main types of paid employment contracts: fixed term, permanent, temporary, apprenticeship, smart working and working from home, part time/full time

• Internships and work experience

• Semi-subordinate and self-employed work

Letters of employment

• Sick leave and maternity leave (with practical exercises)

• Parental leave

• Workplace accidents

• Payslip: from gross to net salary (with practical exercises on social security taxable base, social security contributions, tax base, personal income tax, tax deductions, and additional regional and municipal taxes)

Family allowances and child benefit

• Tax adjustment

• Labour cost (with practical exercises)

Severance pay (TFR)

• Supplementary pensions

Unemployment benefits (NASPI)
• Holidays and paid leave

• Annual statements and declarations (CU Wage and tax statements, Modello 770 tax return form, INAIL work accident insurance, disability hiring quotas)

Disciplinary regulations

• Dismissal

• Rising-protection employment contract

Company welfare




Checking, analysing and improving

Our experts are often asked to audit personnel and payroll administration.
The aim is, first and foremost, to verify that correct payroll procedures are followed, so as to detect errors, omissions or simply areas for potential tax and benefit saving.
This analysis is not strictly limited to auditing, but also focuses on determining whether the payroll process can be improved from an organising standpoint and if the technological aspects are optimally managed.
Our experts are accustomed to operating in complex, intricate environments, striving to optimise processes and eliminating all kinds of errors.

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