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A technological partnership: IT and software.

Ingest HR is a service partner of Zucchetti, the undisputed leading software company on the market in terms of scale, IT know-how and guaranteed service quality.
Our clients gain access to HR Infinity Global Solution, with the ability to customise it according to their specific requirements.

Key features:


  • Single database

  • Full native software integration

  • Reduces routine tasks

  • Integrated web platform

  • All-round HR process coverage

  • Best operative practices
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HR Infinity Global Solution

HR Infinity Global Solution allows for efficient personnel management, whether you require comprehensive all-round HRM coverage or simply wish to capitalise on previous investments by integrating single modules from the suite into pre-existing systems within your company.
The entire suite relies on a single database: a feature that no other HR management system can boast. It is a significant plus that guarantees native integration for all software and makes it possible to streamline HR activity, drastically reducing the number of routine, low added value tasks, thereby optimising processes and improving efficiency.
The data shared between the various applications in the HR Infinity Global Solution system only needs to be inserted once, instead of repeatedly inputting it for each individual software app. This is because the integrated database handles all data, personal or tabular, shared between the various applications, including worker personal data (employees, consultants, interns, trainees, etc.) and company data (business name, venues, etc.).
Meanwhile, individual apps manage specific data: for instance, the attendance monitoring software tracks work hours, the payroll software deals with wage-related issues and the HR management software takes care of training courses, evaluations, remuneration policies, etc.
With HR Infinity Global Solution, you have at your disposal an all-in-one means to administer, manage and organise your human resources.


Training, selection and leadership development.

Ingest HR is in partnership with IOCAP, the ultimate reference point in the field of soft HR.


The Iocap nebula

is a nebula, a celestial body that – observed from Earth – appears as a bright cloud made of stars that attract each other and which, in turn, create energy and attract more positive energy alongside other cosmic substances. The Iocap Nebula is made of people, ideas, genius, spark, and enthusiasm. The Iocap Nebula is made of beauty, harmony, freshness, study and focus. The Iocap Nebula charms and attracts. Entering its sphere of influence is nothing short of a grand adventure.

IOCAP deals with:
  • Management training
  • Leadership development
  • Coaching
  • Recruiting and assessment
  • Change management
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